Records on Vinyl has more and more internships available. At the moment we are looking for a:


    What does your workplace look like and what will you do?
    We work in one of the workspaces of Backbone 050, an incubator in Groningen where young and creative talent develop. Our office and distribution center are located on the first floor. Records on Vinyl is all about music.

    What skills do you have?
    You love music, your general knowledge of music movements is present. You have an interest in Vinyl records and a preference for certain genres (e.g. Hip Hop, Rap, Metal, Pop, Jazz or Rock. It is useful if you have good Dutch and English in speech and writing style. You can handle all Social Media options well Our customers share our passion for music, you know it well.

    What does Records on Vinyl offer?
    A professional working environment where everything revolves around the customer, that's our number 1. Kink FM is a permanent part of our work vitamins, you can hear that stream all day long.
    The atmosphere at Records on Vinyl is informal, you work in a small team of alternately 2 to 5 employees. of biscuits with coffee and tea.

    Interested? Send a message to: