Actually exactly what you expect from the third album of Canshaker Pi

Eigenlijk precies wat je verwacht van de derde plaat van Canshaker Pi

There are two certainties in life: You have to pay taxes and Willem Smit writes songs. He cannot do otherwise. And after a few tough years with far too many performances at home and abroad, band changes, doubt and conflict, Canshaker Pi left for the Ardennes last year with a stack of new songs.

Assisted by producer Jan Schenk, they locked themselves up for three weeks to record, plan, laugh and delete. Away from the Amsterdam reality, Okay Decay arose there. A record about someone who lives in constant soft focus. He complains about everything and fills his days with shitty jobs, escaping his social isolation and feeling constantly guilty about his own failure.

Actually exactly what you expect from Canshaker Pi's third album. An album made with a young dog energy for which the band is so famous and with an enviable maturity that you grant any band with their third record.

  • This record will be released on January 31st on Excelsior Recordings.


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