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Calicos - The Soft Landing (LP)

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In the spring of 2018, The Calicos, six young guns from Antwerp, blew away the jury of Humo’s Rock Rally with songs firmly rooted in the tradition of Wilco, Ryan Adams, The War on Drugs or Novastar, and inscribed their names in Humo’s Rock Rally’s history alongside such illustrious winners as Goose, Whispering Sons, Meskerem Mees.

In the summer of 2020 a first big hit followed: the majestic ‘Nova’ even made it all the way to #1 of the renowned ‘VOX’-chart on Radio 1. Many bands would have their head in the clouds by now but not The Calicos. The sextet haven taken their time to fine-tune their songs and sound because they will settle for nothing less than a killer maiden album, which has arrived now in the form of ‘The Soft Landing’.

The band is ready to appeal to a wide audience of music lovers and develop into an alternative pop group with the ability to reconcile the generations. Fact.

Genre: Pop

Vinyl LP
Vinyl LP

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