Akira & Count Buffaloes Ishikawa - Uganda (LP)

Akira & Count Buffaloes Ishikawa - Uganda (LP)

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Highly sought-after underground Japanese rock rarity, originally released in 1972. Feat. Hideaki Chihara, Kimio Mizutani, Larry Sunaga and Takeru Muraoka.

The respected Japanese jazz drummer Akira Ishikawa was not messing around when he recorded the 'Uganda (Dawn of Rock)' album with his band the Count Buffaloes. For this offering, originally released in 1972 on Toshiba Records, Akira Ishikawa takes us on a deep tripped-out journey. 'Uganda (Dawn of Rock)' is a fusion of progressive and psych rock with African percussion workouts, dergy-wah wah blues-funk, and jazzy sensibilities; with different genres morphing and uniting as they progress.

Vinyl LP
Vinyl LP

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